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Famous Baccarat Players

Famous Baccarat PlayersI was curious about famous people other than James Bond that play Baccarat. Baccarat tends to be the realm of a ritzy set of individuals whose names are only well-known amongst card sharks and aspiring players. One of the more widely know actors who played James Bond, Sean Connery, enjoys the game and is joined by basketball icon Michael Jordan and actor Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan even had a movie staged around shady baccarat pits. Other lesser known famous people who play Baccarat include Akio Kashiwagi, Lyle Stuart, Frank Scoblete, John May, Henry Tamburin, Brain Kaysar, Tommy Renzoni, and John Patrick.

The most famous player known to all movie watchers is James Bond. As can be found in Ian Flemming novels, Baccarat is the secret agent's favorite casino game. Casino Royale, a Monte Carlo casino, where the secret agent makes his first appearance, is where Bond loves to pass the hours playing cards and sipping champagne. Readers find that Bond is one of Baccarat's most skilled players and he plans to use this skill to apprehend the Soviet spy. Since the movie about the legendary British secret agency 007 was released, baccarat has become even more popular. The game is older than Hollywood and Ian Flemming.

Lyle Stuart (August 11, 1922 - June 24, 2006 was not only a world, champion Baccarat player, but he has also authored several bestselling baccarat books and was one of the foremost baccarat authorities. A former part owner of the original Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, he advised casinos on how to protect themselves from cons and cheats. He was fond of gambling, with baccarat and craps being his games of choice. He boasted in Casino Gambler for the Winner that he'd won $166,505 in 10 consecutive visits to Las Vegas.

Frank Scoblete, also known as King Scobe, his pen name, has written several gaming books including a bestseller, The Baccarat Battle Book, but is also considered America's #1 bestselling author of gaming books.

Tommy Renzoni, a 1950's casino executive whose career started in Havana, Cuba, is widely recognized amongst players as the father of American Baccarat. After hours of watching people play baccarat in he sensed an opportunity. He brought the game to Vegas where he attempted to convince the owners of the Sands Casino to open the first Baccarat pit in North America. Luckily the game was a success.

Probably most known for his large winnings and losses at the baccarat table is Japanese investor, Akio Kashiwagi. In February 1990 he bet won a record breaking $6 million at the Trump Plaza Casino, Atlantic City. He achieved this huge win by betting $200,000 a hand. Unfortunately his luck ran out on his next trip to the same baccarat tables. He came back in May and unfortunately lost $10 million in a six days Baccarat session, making this the largest single loss in the history of the game ever.

Online Baccarat
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