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Online Baccarat

Baccarat Tips

Baccarat TipsAfter reading articles from multiple websites and then doing old fashioned research, reading books, the top 10 tips I found were as follows:

  1. Know the rules of play - Just like any other game you play, it is important to know the rules of play. Since the rules of this game are already spelled out on this website, I will not delve further into this subject other than to tell you to read the article.
  2. Betting on the banker is the best bet, but can get tiresome, so it is recommended that you bet on the player to break up the tedium. Odds are always better if you bet the banker and you minimize the house edge, but only slight advantage over betting on the player. The house edge on the bankers bet is close to 1% while the players bet has house edge of 1.25%, but the casino may charge a commission or a vigorish of 5% on your win.
  3. NEVER bet the Tie - It may have the highest pay out, but the house's advantage is approximately 15%, the highest on the Tie of all the three bets, and you rarely win.
  4. Play with a budget, i.e. only bet what you can afford to lose - Before you sit down to play, either on-line or at a casino, sit down and figure out what you can afford to lose. This is especially important in today's economy. Once you have determined how much your Baccarat budget is, bet only that amount. Decide how much you're willing to lose and get out of the game if you hit that mark.
  5. Don't get suckered into buying systems that advertise that they can increase your winnings - When it comes to purchasing systems to win at Baccarat, buyer beware. They don't work. Save your money for your bets. These people are only out to make a buck by selling you their book or their site online.
  6. Scorecards and charting play to determine trends don't work - Many casino's offer scoreboards or charts to determine a pattern based in previous hands. These simply don't work. Casinos encourage the use of either or both because they know that neither have any bearing on the results of the game. The house is never going to give up its edge.
  7. We have all heard that practice makes perfect, well that applies to Baccarat as well. You can search and find several free Baccarat websites where you can play the game without losing, and winning, any money until you are ready. The more you play the more you increase your chances to win and the better you will get at placing bets.
  8. Choose the game with the fewest number of decks - Choosing the game with the fewest number of decks lowers the casinos edge even further, but only minimally. The fewer number of decks in the game, the better the advantage in winning by betting the banker's hand.
  9. Keep your cool - Although it can be hard at times, like when you are losing, it is important to keep your cool. Don't let your frustration or excitement influence your bets. Remember you don't have to play every round, so if you feel like you may be overwhelmed, sit out a few rounds and just enjoy watching others play.
  10. Most important of all, have fun!

Remember have fun, play often and play smart.

Online Baccarat
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